Sirana AppAnalyzer provides over 100 out-of-the-box report templates that can be filtered, grouped, and sorted to generate thousands of potential reports. Every report is written in Microsoft’s Report Definition Language (RDL) allowing for extensive report customization and integration with external reporting portals. AppAnalyzer leverages Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to enable enterprise-class report security and publishing.

Examples of the types of reports that can be found in AppAnalyzer for Sendmail include:


  • Sendmail Messages by Server Group
  • Sendmail Messages over Time
  • Top N Mailboxes in Sendmail Traffic
  • Top N Recipients in Sendmail Traffic
  • Top N Sendmail Host Pairs
  • Top N Sendmail Hosts
  • Top N Sendmail Hosts (Destination)
  • Top N Sendmail Hosts (Origination)