Sirana AppAnalyzer for Sendmail is a reporting and analysis solution that helps e-mail administrators, IT personnel, and Executive managers understand Sendmail usage.

Sendmail remains the most popular Message Transfer Agent (MTA) on the Internet and is used by many organizations as a gateway to filter and manage Internet message traffic for Exchange organizations. AppAnalyzer for Sendmail enables administrators to collect data from Sendmail servers and view reports on message volumes, message sizes, queue delays, recipient counts, host pair traffic, and much more.

Through an extensive list of pre-defined, automated reports, AppAnalyzer for Sendmail displays comprehensive usage data about your Sendmail hosts and users.

Key Benefits

  • Promote administration efficiencies. Allows you to understand Sendmail usage and identify trends and problems at a glance.
  • Comply with e-mail acceptable use policies and industry regulations. Display e-mail activity of individual users and hosts.
  • Improve capacity management and upgrade/migration planning. View long-term historical data on message traffic levels and user activity.
  • Achieve service levels — Enables you to analyze service level metrics so you can evaluate areas for improvements and adjust load on servers to better meet end-user demand.
  • Integrate Exchange reporting — Seamless integration with the award-winning Sirana AppAnalyzer for Exchange enables combined BlackBerry, Sendmail and Exchange usage analysis and reporting.