AppAnalyzer for Sendmail provides unmatched flexibility for analyzing and understanding your Sendmail messaging infrastructure, including:

  • Designed to scale for very large messaging environments (100,000+ mailboxes)
  • Does not require installation of an agent on the Sendmail server for data collection
  • Easily customize reports for the specific level of detail that you need—without using a cumbersome report writer
  • Generate summary level reports to better understand high-level metrics and analyze long-term trends
  • Native drill-down capability within all reports, such as changing focus from the enterprise view to a specific server to a specific user
  • Built-in scheduling of report publishing to e-mail and file share
  • Export and publish reports in various formats (CSV, XLS, XML, TIF, PDF, HTML)
  • Measure message traffic for an enterprise, OU, site, server, department or user
  • Determine top senders and receivers of e-mail