AppAnalyzer for Microsoft 365

Key Benefits

  • Allocate messaging system costs. Offers reports to let you chargeback users or groups of users, such as departments for e-mail and storage resources use.
  • Achieve service levels. Enables you to analyze service level metrics so you can evaluate areas for improvements and adjust traffic on servers to better meet end-user demand. Demonstrate service level achievements through a number of reports, including message delivery times between sites, groups or servers.
  • Comply with e-mail acceptable use policies and industry regulations. Display e-mail activity of individual users, Internet domains, suspect SMTP addresses, and keywords and attachments within all messages.
  • Promote administration efficiencies. Allows you to understand Exchange usage and identify trends and problems at a glance.
  • Improve capacity management and upgrade/migration planning. View long-term historical data on message traffic levels, storage usage, and user activity.
AppAnalyzer for Microsoft 365