AppAnalyzer for Exchange

Sirana AppAnalyzer for Exchange is a reporting and analysis solution that helps e-mail administrators, IT personnel, and Executive managers understand Microsoft Exchange usage. Through an extensive list of pre-defined, automated reports, AppAnalyzer displays comprehensive usage data about your Exchange servers, including message traffic analysis, message delivery times, historical and current mailbox and public folder storage data, client access usage, chargeback information and message content analysis.

Solutions for Today’s E-mail Challenges

As e-mail remains a critical application for organizations today, new administration and management issues continue to emerge. E-mail administrators struggle to keep-up with the impact of system upgrades and configuration changes. IT Managers need confirmation that their e-mail infrastructure is being managed efficiently. Business Unit Managers, such as Human Resources Management, need assurance that e-mail acceptable use policies are adhered to by all employees. And Executive Management wants the big picture view of how their investment in e-mail resources is paying-off. AppAnalyzer delivers the reports and tools to successfully achieve these goals.


Key Benefits

  • Allocate messaging system costs. Offers reports to let you chargeback users or groups of users, such as departments for e-mail and storage resources use.
  • Achieve service levels. Enables you to analyze service level metrics so you can evaluate areas for improvements and adjust traffic on servers to better meet end-user demand. Demonstrate service level achievements through a number of reports, including message delivery times between sites, groups or servers.
  • Comply with e-mail acceptable use policies and industry regulations. Display e-mail activity of individual users, Internet domains, suspect SMTP addresses, and keywords and attachments within all messages.
  • Promote administration efficiencies. Allows you to understand Exchange usage and identify trends and problems at a glance.
  • Improve capacity management and upgrade/migration planning. View long-term historical data on message traffic levels, storage usage, and user activity.